Haliburton County Master Gardener Association

The group of Haliburton County Master Gardeners (HCMG) was founded in April 2002.  As our name suggests,

we serve Haliburton County and specialize in gardening in zone 4.  Our group is comprised of twelve Master Gardeners  

and Master Gardeners in Training.  To be a Master Gardener one must meet certain educational requirements 

set down by the overall organization - Master Gardeners of Ontario.

Our primary role is to advise gardeners and support gardening in Haliburton County. We give advice on a range of

topics from vegetable to flower gardens: at clinics in a variety of venues, as speakers, through our website, over the

telephone, by e-mail and through personal encounters. We hold an advice clinic at each of the Horticultural society's 

monthly meetings. HCMGs have designed a garden for the historical Pritchard House in Minden, planned and 

implemented the community garden at the RD Lawrence Place and submitted a proposed landscaping project for the 

Minden Hills Community Centre to the Township of Minden Hills. Our latest project has been to redesign the gardens 

at the Village Green in downtown Minden.

We garden with the Grade 2 students from Archie Stouffer Elementary School at the Minden Hills Museum.  

Each year the students' Three Sisters Garden (corn, beans & squash) yields produce for the local food bank.

Local gardening enthusiasts might know the HCMG best from their annual plant sale, held each spring at the 

Village Green in Minden. Our group meets on the second Tuesday of most months.

If you have an questions about gardening or would simply like to learn more about the Haliburton County 

Master Gardeners and what we do, please send an email to halmastergardener@gmail.com.

Haliburton County Master Gardener Radio Tips

Listen to CanoeFM (100.9) to hear seasonal
Haliburton County Master Gardener Tips on your radio airing from April through
to October.

Approximate timeslots: Sunday 4-4:10 pm, Thursday
3-3:10 pm, Friday 9:35-9:45 am and/or Saturday 8:05-8:15 am.

CanoeFm streams live so you can listen to the station through their
website from anywhere and at any time (including tip time).


In addition there is a selection of tips that can
always be heard on the CanoeFM website. Click on Programs and then click on
Haliburton County Master Gardeners’ Tips. Choose the tip you wish to hear and