Native Plants

The desire for native plants in the garden is becoming a very popular concept.  So what does this really mean for the local gardener and for obtaining species.  In the garden centre you will find several hybridized versions of local native plants that are more showy than what you might find at the side of the road.  Only occasionally will you find a true native plant.  However, there are a number of truly stunning native species that are available at specialty garden centres.  In this section you will find our recommendations for native species for Haliburton County that are lovely for the garden and are good for shoreline restoration projects. We have developed a document highlighting some of the native species that are suitable for shoreline restoration and this is available as a downloadable pdf file.

Finding native species to purchase is not easy but are available at specialty nurseries.  You can also propagate quite easily from seed.  The Haliburton County Master Gardeners do not recommend digging native species from the side of the road.  These species are best left where they are growing.  Seeds can be collected from these plants for use in the garden.  However, if you do decide to remove plants from the wild we strongly suggest that you take only a small part of a mature plant, leaving the rest of the plant to continue growing in its wild habitat.  We have developed a list of Native Plant Nurseries available as a downloadable pdf file.