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Japanese Knotweed

Plant:    Herb - 2-4 meters

Leaves:  Alternate, tear-drop shaped, sharp pointed, dark green, flattened at base
Seed Flowers:    Flowering stalk of many small greenish-white flowers
Buds / Stem:    Large plant with 'bamboo' like stem.  Stem is light green maturing to a tan colour.  Stems are upright with a hollow core, smoth and often branching
Habitat:    Moist to wet soils found in wetlands, water courses and roadside ditches

Similar Native Species:    Non
Japanese knotweed is an invasive species - a noxious plant introduced from Asia.  This weed often forms dense colonies. It thrives in temperate climates such as Vancouver.  The plant can rip up driveways, crack foundations and drive though 2 metre thick concrete.