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How to Become a Master Gardener

The first step is to contact the local coordinator at halmastergardener@gmail.com.  You will be given information about the local group and will be interviewed by the coordinator or designate. If you are invited to join and you accept, you will become a Master Gardener Trainee. You will be required to volunteer at least 30 hours every year in advice-giving and administrative activities - 20 advice hours through things like volunteering at clinics and assisting with presentations and 10 administration hours through meeting attendance and plant sale preparations.  You must also complete the educational requirements within three years. 
There are three possible educational paths:

• Successfully complete three specified online courses offered by the University of Guelph ; or

• Successfully complete four specified online courses offered by Dalhousie University; or

 Pass the Certification Exam with a score of 70% or better. This option is for those who have prior education or experience or who complete an extensive self-directed study program.