Haliburton County Master Gardeners

  Looking forward to 2021

  This year we are making changes to our website. We are also working on putting out information on shoreline plantings* and where people can buy native plants and trees. This will help with the water quality of our lakes and shorelines. All of us know there has been a big problem with Canada Geese depositing their feces. One goose can deposit a pound of feces every day. Geese love to graze on manicured lawns and have an unobstructed view of the water. Residents enjoy the views of their lakes and we are sure that they want to keep the water clean for many years to come. Shoreline plantings and trees will help.

Plant Sale for 2021 cancelled. We hope to see you all in 2022.

The Haliburton Master Gardeners normally have a plant sale that we hold at Head Lake Park in Haliburton. We are unable to have the wonderful plant sale this year. This is because of the closure of the Parks in Haliburton until at least July 1 2021.


  We would be available to advise new gardeners with sustainable gardening through our website. This includes growing vegetables, planting fruit bushes and or trees and herbs.  There are also many so called weeds that can be eaten.  They grow naturally and are quite nutritious. As master gardeners we would like to share our knowledge.  We are able to do on site consultations, with a Covid Protocol. We would be asking for a donation of $50.00 an hour plus gas mileage.  This donation will go to our group.  This helps us with our education and promotes our organization. If you feel this is something you would like to do, please contact us at halmastergardener@gmail.com If you would like a copy of the questionnaire to fill in before a garden consultation, click Garden Consultation Assessment

Ask a Master Gardener You can also email questions to us directly.  We will get back to you within a few days. Use halmastergardener@gmail.com

Shoreline Restoration

Property Owners will be interesting in the following:

"Go Wild" This article, written in part, by our own Master Gardener, Carolyn Langdon, was published in the Highlander's magazine 'Home in the Highlands'


our Native Plants for your Property including Shorelines document

Stay in touch with our website for more news and dates when we will be holding open talks.  We would do this outside with much social distancing.

There a great article on starting a veggie garden that we have found in the great magazine GardenMaking.  

How to plan a vegetable garden. by Sharon Hanna  https://gardenmaking.com/plan-vegetable-garden/

For those of you that may want seeds to grow vegetables.  We have some local suggestions Pine Reflections in Carnavon. Call first 705-489-1397 or check out her Facebook page.

Gelert Garden Farm may also have seeds. Contact them by email gelertgardenfarm@gmail.com  You can also check their website https://gelertgardenfarm.ca/ordering

Please check out our new youTube video: Immune Boosting Plants for Growing & Harvestion  https://youtu.be/51C1_-gbdmA

You can also listen to garden tips through Canoe Radio.https://canoefm.com/master-gardener/

Please contact us at halmastergardener@gmail.com

To the gardening community of all Haliburton County: Thank you for the overwhelming and generous reception to our Haliburton County Master Gardeners Plant Sale at its new venue  (2019) in the Town of Haliburton.   This year for the second time we will not be holding our plant sale.   Dysart et al has cancelled all permits to use Head Lake Park.

At this time we have not scheduled any advice clinics.  This can change and we will update our website and let you know when and where we will be having advice clinics

Here's all about who we are:

The group of Haliburton County Master Gardeners (HCMG) was founded in April 2002.  As our name suggests,

we serve Haliburton County and specialize in gardening in zone 4.  Our group is comprised of twelve Master Gardeners  

and Master Gardeners in Training.  To be a Master Gardener one must meet certain educational requirements 

set down by the overall organization - Master Gardeners of Ontario.

Our primary role is to advise gardeners and support gardening in Haliburton County. We give advice on a range of

topics from vegetable to flower gardens: at clinics in a variety of venues, as speakers, through our website, over the

telephone, by e-mail, on the radio, and through personal encounters. We hold an advice clinic at each of the Minden & District

Horticultural Society's monthly meetings. HCMGs have planned and implemented the community garden at Nature's Place in the

Minden Hills Cultural Centre. We redesigned the gardens at the Village Green in downtown Minden.

We garden with the Grade 3 students at Archie Stouffer Elementary School at the Minden Hills Museum.  

Each year the students' Three Sisters Garden (corn, beans & squash) yields produce for the local food bank.

Local gardening enthusiasts might know the HCMG best from their annual plant sale, held each spring and our CanoeFM radio

gardening tips. See below..

Our group meets on the second Tuesday of most months starting in March.

If you have any questions about gardening or would simply like to learn more about the Haliburton County 

Master Gardeners and what we do, please send an email to halmastergardener@gmail.com.

Listen to CanoeFM (100.9) to hear seasonal Haliburton County Master Gardener Tips on your radio airing

from April through October.

Approximate timeslots: Thursday 3:05-3:10 pm, Friday 9:05-9:10 am, and Saturday 3:45-3:50 pm.

CanoeFM streams live from CanoeFm.com so you can listen to the station onyour computer from anywhere in the world through their website and at any time(especially tip time).

In addition there is a selection of tips that can always be heard on the CanoeFM website.

When on their website, click on Programs and then click on Haliburton County Master

Gardeners’ Tips. Choose the tip you wish to hear and click. Or click the selection of tips.

Finally, there are podcasts too. Available on Canoe’s website under the tab podcasts, choose Master Gardener or listen on Spotify or Google podcasts.