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Variegated Solomon's Seal

Also known as Striped Solomon's Seal, Fragrant Solomon's Seal and Variegated Fragrant Solomon's Seal is an excellent specimen for the shade to part shade garden.  It has greenish white flowers in spring and variegated foliage throughout the growing season.  In fall the foliage turns to a rich yellow. It is generally disease and pest resistant and performs well in moist, well drained soils.  2013 Perennial of the Year.

Plant Details
Height:  45-60 cm (18-24") 
Spread:  45-60 cm (18-24")
Foliage:  oval-shaped leaves on upright, arching, unbranched stems.  Leaves are light green with white tips and margins
Flowers:  small, bell-shaped, white with green tips in spring.  May produce bluish-black berries in fall
Soil:  moist, well drained
Other details:  shows well in shade garden, attractive to birds, bees, butterflies, fragrant in spring, divide spring or fall, plant rhizomes just below soil surface, deer resistant
Zone:  4-8