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Growing Garlic

Buy bulbs of garlic from a local grower.

Plant in your garden in late October or early November. Choose a place with about 7 inches of empty space all around it. Dig a hole about 3 times deeper than the length of a clove. Separate a clove from the bulb & place it pointed end up in the hole. Cover it over with a depth of earth about 2 lengths of the clove. Then cover with mulch. 

Garlic can be planted in rows (run North to South) or in amongst the flower garden where it looks quite attractive. It is a companion to roses, carrots, lettuce, beets and cabbage but not onions, peas or beans.

Leave the mulch in place next spring and throughout the summer but pull out any weeds & water well weekly. After June 21, the scape should appear. When it has 1 curl, cut it off & use it in cooking or eat the tender scape top in salads.

Pull up the garlic in August when the outer leaves turn brown. Tie in loose bunches and hang in a shady, breezy, dry place to dry. Then rub off the dirt & outer layer of paper skin with your hands. Snip off the stem about 3 inches above the bulb. Store the bulbs in a dark dry place by hanging them in an old onion bag.