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Perennial of the Year

What is the Perennial of the Year all about? Who chooses it? Why?

In 1984, in Ohio,  the Perennial of the Year Association was  formed by growers¸retailers, landscapers and educators. This trade association had the purpose to create interest and promote landscape material. In 1990 they began showcasing one perennial a year. The POY must meet the criteria:

  • have a wide range of growing climates
  • Be low maintenance and easy to grow
  • Is disease resistant and durable
  • Has beauty and multiple-season interest
Each year members of the Association nominate plants to be the POY. A Committee narrows down the selections and the members vote from the short list.  The POY is NOT a new plant. Plant breeders bring out new plants every year.

All-America Selections (AAS)
AAS is a non-profit organization that tests NEW UNSOLD plant cultivars in trial garden in the U.S. & Canada. These gardens can be visited. (Ontario in Laval (trial) and Ottawa (display).  AAS bedding plants, fruits & vegetables must demonstrate improvements over current cultivars.

For information on the 2013 Perennial of the year see Variegated Solomon's Seal under Advice.

Dinah Wilson,
Jul 17, 2013, 4:20 AM