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Early Spring Reminders

With the snow melting and the spring thaw approaching, gardeners are anxious to get into the gardens.  There are some things you can do at this time of year to prepare for the spring planting season.

Below are some tips and reminders:

  • Start slow germinating seeds such as geranium and begonia in January.  Order vegetable and flower seeds for planting in February / March
  • Prepare gardening tools by cleaning & organizing.  If you don’t have a potting shed, have hand tools at the ready in a basket that can be easily carried.  Position soaker hoses in beds before perennials and ground covers start growing.  Have plant supports ready 
  • Start tomato plants indoors in mid to late March and other flower and vegetable seeds as per package directions
  • Start tender perennials such as tuberous begonias, canna and calla lilies in pots in February / March
  • Prepare custom fertilizers
  • Prune summer flowering shrubs including removing dead wood
  • Remove dead wood from  roses and cut back the very thin branches. Collect blackspot affected leaves from around roses before the spring rains
  • Cut back Annabelle & Pee Gee hydrangeas by half
  • Shorten stems of Spirea (Anthony Waterer, Bumalda, Goldflame, Gold Mound and Little Princess) by 2/3
  • Cut back last year’s Clematis growth before buds break  
  • Place Peony rings before growth begins
  • As soon as the ground is workable, place well rotted manure or organic compost over the vegetable garden, if this was not done in the fall season
  • Moss growing in the lawns is often caused by the acidic Haliburton county soil. This problem can be naturally eradicated by spreading gardeners lime 3 times per year (follow package directions). There are chemicals that can be used to kill the moss but this will totally eradicate the problem over a 2-3 year period without harming the soil, birds or animals.
Dinah Wilson,
Apr 13, 2010, 12:27 PM